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Most of us are well used to sharing content between devices. Streaming, casting, mirroring – they all offer a way of getting content from one place to another. So how is our Skylarx product different? Quality, completeness and simplicity are the answer. The Skylarx ultra-fast wireless 4K video and audio sharing solution is next generation connectivity. In the simplest terms, it offers a clean set up. It’s an intuitive system with no WiFi connection, no complicated syncing or software set up, and no signing-in. The lack of messy cables means your room looks stylish and uncluttered, and your time spent stretching cables up from desks and hunting for extenders is done.

UHD (ultra-high definition) wireless 4K video and audio

What’s more, unlike many casting and mirroring options, our wireless solution can connect to a ‘dumb’ device, all you need is an HDMI outlet on your device. To successfully screen mirror or cast, you need a television or monitor that supports the technology. You can face the same limitations casting or mirroring from your set top box and not all games consoles support mirroring. But the Skylarx ultra-fast wireless 4K video and audio sharing solution will work with anything with an HDMI port, up to a 30-metre line-of-sight range. That means the big match on a big screen, it means a movie in the garden in the summer, it means stress-free, stable work presentations – all in UHD wireless 4K video and audio.

Up to 120 frames per second*

Skylarx’s anti-interference technology enables up to 120 frames per second (4K UHD (2160P) transmission up to 30 frames per second). The wireless transmitter and receiver, which are plugged into your device and your screen via HDMI, talk to each other through radio transmission that has a data rate link high enough to relay uncompressed UHD video. It’s a dedicated wireless connection that is WiFi-free and Bluetooth-free, giving you reliable, uninterrupted streaming that doesn’t eat up your bandwidth. Plus, it comes with global plugs and sockets, so it is totally portable. *4K UHD (2160P) transmission up to 30 frames per second

7.1 channel surround sound

One of the big stand out points for our product is the fact that as well as wireless UHD video, Skylarx offers 7.1 channel surround sound multi-channel audio. 0.2ms latency means there’s none of the lag that you can get with casting or mirroring, so whether you are streaming movies, watching something from your set top box, or gaming, it will provide seamless, immediate output with all the necessary atmosphere. Skylarx – Life. Shared