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Our ultra-fast wireless 4K video and audio sharing solution allows you to easily transmit from device to screen with no WiFi connection, no untidy cables and no compromise on quality.

It’s easy to use – the pack consists of a transmitter, which you plug into your HDMI source, and a receiver, which you plug into your HDMI screen (they are even colour coded to make things extra simple). They communicate via radio waves that can transmit high-quality UHD 4K video and audio wirelessly, up to a 30-metre line-of-sight range.

The wireless transmitter and receiver are compact (88mm x 90mm x 15mm) and they work with any media device with an HDMI port – whether it’s your digital set top box, your gaming console, your phone or your laptop. There’s no complicated software or sign-in, you have flexibility to move around your house or garden, and there’s no cable clutter.

Our wireless AV solution enables a data rate link high enough to relay uncompressed HD video and stream up to 4K. The colours are bold, the audio stays true and clear and there’s no lag. Plus, because it’s radio transmission it’s WiFi-free, so doesn’t eat into your bandwidth.

So, who’s it for? Everyone!

Home entertainment

Gamers can benefit from almost zero latency (so no lag) that does justice to your latest generation console and offers a truly immersive experience. If home entertainment is your thing, then our device enables you to set up a cinema in your garden, or wireless sharing of a match with your friends/family on a big screen. It is genuinely easy and pain-free, and the 60GHz interference-free link offers uncompromised video quality.

Maybe you have a phone full of videos, like the like holidays or when someone did something funny. Maybe you surfed a particularly good wave or flew around the mountain bike trail with skills worth showing off. Well, our Skylarx ultra-fast wireless 4K video and audio sharing solution allows others to experience those memories and to do so on a screen in up to 4K, with no one tripping over the wires. Less cables, less chaos.

It’s great professionally too. Wireless presentations are simple to set up, or maybe you just want to streamline your home office. Skylarx offers a reliable, portable and stress-free solution that will make you stand out.

Skylarx. Life shared.