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What’s your life about? Gaming? Home entertainment? Home office? Meetings, conferences and events? or Travelling?

Well now you can share from almost any device onto a big screen. With no Wifi, no complication, no lag and less cables, less chaos. This is the all new Skylarx ultra-fast wireless 4K video and audio sharing solution. Skylarx – Life. Shared


Skylarx offers ultra-fast, wireless, ultra-high definition (UHD 4K @ 30 Frames per second) gaming that works with any console with an HDMI port or using an HDMI adapter. Wireless transmission means you can move your set-up to another part of the house whilst maintaining a solid 30-metre line-of-sight connection and there’s no need for a WiFi extender. Because there is zero lag, the quality and immediacy of your gaming stays true, whether you are playing a shooting game where your aim needs to be precise, or racing cars where your response timing is everything. You get full wireless audio surround sound, doing justice to your game and your console. Plus, the fact that it’s wireless means your room stays clutter-free.

Home entertainment

There’s something really annoying about furnishing your home with the right kit, creating a stylish set-up, and then seeing a bunch of cables running out of the back of your television and down the wall, where it either gets pushed into a cabinet or curled up on the floor. Our Skylarx ultra-fast wireless 4K video and audio sharing solution is simple and clean. It’s also entirely portable – as long your devices have HDMI (like most set top boxes, for example) you can wirelessly transmit and receive high-quality UHD 4K (@ 30 frames per second) video and audio, up to a 30-metre line-of-sight range. That covers everything from cosy film nights in the living room to watching sport on big screens in the garden, and all that’s in between.

Home office

When you’re working from home you need to keep things simple and our Skylarx ultra-fast wireless 4K video and audio sharing solution has no software or sign-in required. It’s WiFi-free and Bluetooth-free and, as long as the transmitter is pointing at the receiver, you will get high quality 4K video and audio. Whether you need to transmit something from your phone to a larger screen or host a meeting where you want the space to see everyone’s face, then our product will give you the edge. Plus, because it works on a dedicated wireless connection your UHD pictures are stable and ultra-fast.

Meetings, conferences and events

What gives you the edge when you’re presenting at an event? Apart from the content, it’s the confidence that comes from reliable, high-quality tech, and the sense of calm that comes from an easy set-up. Whether you’re presenting in a wireless meeting room or a conference hall, the Skylarx ultra-fast wireless 4K video and audio sharing solution can transmit your work from up to a 30-metre line-of-sight. You’re not reliant on WiFi and can instead enjoy a dedicated cable-free connection that opens up a world of wireless presentation solutions, all in UHD.


The wireless transmitter and receiver are small (88mm x 90mm x 15mm) and lightweight, so they are easy to travel with. They also come with a series of international adapter plugs. Yes, this is good for working abroad and doing your wireless presentations in foreign lands, but it also makes a night in a hotel room feel a lot more like home when you can take your home entertainment library with you, and wirelessly transmit it to a sensible sized screen without having to rely on slow hotel WiFi.

Skylarx – Life. Shared