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Take the hassle out of presenting with the Skylarx ScreenShare®.

The Skylarx ScreenShare makes it easy to engage the room, whether you’re presenting to a room full of hundreds of attendees or simply collaborating with your colleagues – you can rest assured that

With a wireless 30m line-of-sight in room signal coverage, you can share 4k content with high-quality audio without having to rely on your internet connection, leaving you to concentrate on the important stuff.

Features & Benefits

The Skylarx ScreenShare® comes with a wide variety of features and benefits that makes it the perfect content sharing solution for conferences, such as a fast stable connection and a super-simple set up process.

We also have a comprehensive range of accessories, meaning there will be no more need for long cables connecting your device to the bigger screen whilst both online and offline - what more do you need?

General Specifications

We've put together some of our general specifications below, but don't worry - our products are really easy to use. If you get stuck, you can check out our user guides.

Frequency Band: 59.4GHz-63.56GHz
Channel Bandwidth: 1.76GHz
Connection Time: 40 seconds first time, under 15 seconds for repeat connections
Module Dimension: 88mm x 90mm x 15mm
Video Port: HDMI type A
Resolution & FPS: 120 FPS at 720P / 60 FPS at 1080p / 30 FPS at 3840 x 2160 (@ 30Hz)


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