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Skylarx Videos

We've put together a selection of videos that will help explain the capabilities of our products and the benefits that they bring. You can also view our videos directly on our YouTube channel.

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The Skylarx ScreenShare®

Want to know what our ScreenShare® Solution is perfect for? Check out our video to find out more.Whether you're looking for a wireless streaming solution for home or the office, we've got you covered.

Video Testimonial

Check out Guerilla Communications Managing Director, James Allen speaking about how they use the Skylarx ScreenShare® in their business.

Share More. Easily.

Our Skylarx ScreenShare® Solution is the perfect device to support your conference, exhibition or presentation requirements. With a simple setup process that requires no IT experience, you can rest assured that our solution will definitely make your life easier.

Life. Shared.

Check out our video showcasing how our Skylarx ScreenShare® Solution can help upgrade your screen sharing experience at home, in the office or even on the go.We're confident that once you've tried the product you won't look back - our product is an industry leading solution to all of your screen sharing requirements.

For Any Application.

Kenton Cool uses the Skylarx ScreenShare® Solution to share his adventures on the big screen. You too can share your content from device to screen.

There is a vast number of applications from home working, meeting rooms and presentations to TV & movie streaming and gaming.

It's Time To Show Off.

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Spend your free time surfing, snowboarding or extreme climbing?

Take advantage of freedom our Skylarx ScreenShare® Solution gives you by being able to share your content, wirelessly and without WiFi onto the big screen wherever you are.

Wireless 4K Solution

The Skylarx ScreenShare® Solution allows you to share 4K video and audio, wirelessly @ 30 frames per second. Our solution will eliminate the need for messy hard-wired connections, whilst offering you wireless transmissions for distances of up to 30 metres.

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